Kitesurfing and windsurfing are incredibly comfortable all year round. Season: open year-round Dakhla awaits you with a huge kite spot – ideal for beginners and sure to be windy: the wind stats promise 320 kiting days per year.The peninsula and lagoon, which separate us from the Atlantic, are a kitesurfer’s dream – but until now, the focus was on kiting holidays and not on accompanying family members and evening activities after the kiting session. Arrival and departure. https: ... (zodiac or 4 × 4 transfer), an ideal place to learn and progress. Need advice choosing your kitesurf holiday destination? Our center is located on the north-eastern coast of that lagoon. Dakhla Lagoon is an ecolodge located on the mythical lagoon of Dakhla. Een stukje verder op het water kan het wat choppy en vlagerig zijn maar over het algemeen zijn de condities nog steeds goed. ... Home Dakhla Club Hotel - Kitesurf & SPA - MAROC. Dakhla Evasion n’a cessé d’évoluer depuis sa création il y a 8 ans et a su s’imposer dans le monde du Kitesurf grâce à leur besoin d’avancer et d’aller de l’avant. Dakhla – The Kitesurfing Capital of Morocco. Rue 3 N°92 73 000 Dakhla, Morocco + 212 651 696 989/ 697 003 Dans ce paradis des sports de glisse venez vivre une expérience à couper le … Dakhla Evasion: kitesurfing camp in Morocco and so much more Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the place has a perfect spot for you. Enjoy Kitesurf, Surf, Windsurf, or SUP on an amazing spot where brand new DUOTONE gear, safety crew, chill zone and a highly experienced and IKO certified team are waiting for you. Dakhla kitesurf speedspot: for advanced. ... DAKHLA WESTPOINT HOTEL. This is primarily due to its incredible beauty, average temperature above 20 °C and strong, consistent wind 365 days a year. The constant wind and the glassy body of water allow a perfect beginner practice. Simply pick up your board, or your gear at the Oum Lamboiur Water Sports Center and head to one of the hottest surf spots in Morocco. It is a kitesurfer's paradise. Royal Air Maroc allows for a 23kg kite bag (220cm x 40cm x 40cm) for no additional cost. Most kitesurfing instructors speak English, French, Spanish, and Arabic. In the north of the lagoon you will find the speed spot. To discover with family, friends, lovers or solo, it is a place of calm and pleasant life where you can rest, share, exchange and amaze you in all serenity during your stay. Get in touch +44(0)7932129202 15 jours de stage à l'UCPA Dakhla Dreamkite, il ne m'en fallait pas plus pour devenir accro à cette nouvelle passion! However, the good people of Dakhla, Maroc, provide first … The reviews say it all spot reviews. If you fancy getting some wave action in Dakhla it is just a short ride in a car away, there are a lot of great waves nearby, but Oum El Bouir is the most popular spot for the kiters. In winter, Dakhla can deliver numerous world class waves that are perfect for both – strapless kitesurfing and surfing. 5 years in a row, Oum Lamboiur wave spot attracts famous riders and has became a well-known spot for hosting world surfing and kitesurfing championships. Thanks to the side shore winds from the north, the water is completely flat and thus offers perfect conditions for practicing and learning, as well as freestyle and racing. Dakhla Kitesurf Morocco information. Perfect for surfing and kitesurfing. Our hotel is an ideal destination for spending a summer vacation in Dakhla lagoon. Phone: +212 537 864 467 | +212 662 197 082 Reception: +212 666 118 698 Dakhla. The spot on the site allows intermediate and advanced levels to progress in waves, to make kitesurf in Morocco otherwise. The main kitesurfing camps and the kite spots are located approximately 30 min drive from the main town, so if you choose to stay in guest houses in Dakhla town, you may want to consider renting a car. Enjoy kitesurfing in Dakhla. Your Dakhla Kitesurfing Holiday is not complete without a visit to the Speed Spot. It's almost the same. Kitesurfen Dakhla: Verblijf in het ... Vlieg op Dakhla Airport (“VIL”). Hundreds of days of sunshine a year, Atlantic wind conditions and traditional charm make the best Morocco kitesurfing spots some of the best on the planet. Kitesurfing Spots in Dakhla. Welcome to KBC Dakhla, your new kitesurfing club in Morocco, in the heart of Dakhla’s very best kitesurfing spots. Dakhla Kite Worldcup spot: for advanced. We offer great accommodation options in both Dakhla town and by the lagoon shore, so you can enjoy spending all the day at the beach and practicing kitesurfing. The Speed Spot is located within walking distance from Dakhla Attitude Kite Centre. Kitesurf camp au maroc L’hôtel Dakhla Evasion est situé sur la lagune de Dakhla entre mer et désert. The accommodation at Ocean Vagabond Dakhla is a friendly place that will fulfill all your desires. From the hotel you can overview the complete lagoon, the dragon island, speed spot and Dakhla Atittude with a full view up to the white dune. 73000 Dakhla. Ontdek (en bewaar!) Planet kitesurf are the UK's leading kitesurf Travel Specialists. The fastest growing water sport in recent years is . It is a superb multi sport location, good for singles, friends or groups with outstanding windsurf and kitesurf … The wind comes offshore over an edge, so you have finest shallow water behind it. Welcome to KBC Dakhla, your new kitesurfing club in Morocco, in the heart of Dakhla’s very best kitesurfing spots. It’s a really relaxed kitesurf destination. Register today! 6-jun-2012 - Deze pin is ontdekt door Syrab Malti. Come to enjoy Dakhla's year-round constant wind and waves. 7 were here. Kitesurf Holidays Ultimate Spot Guide - Dakhla. Located on the Dakhla Lagoon at 28 KM from Dakhla city in South Morocco. Morocco has definitely earned its reputation as one of the world’s best kitesurfing destinations. 73000 Dakhla. Looking for the best Spots? A trip you don’t want to miss Dakhla Club Hotel & Spa – Kitesurf Camp : Point de Dragon PK 28. In Dakhla Attitude hotel you pay with a mastercard, debit card or cash in Dirham or Euro. Dakhla is located south of Morocco in the territory of Western Sahara and offers windsurfing, kitesurfing, stand up paddleboarding and surfing holidays. It took me about 15 min walk at leisure pace. Fantastic Downwinders, Excursions, Free Yoga classes, and Massages are also available during your stay. PRINCE MOULAY EL HASSAN KITEBOARDING WORLD CUP DAKHLA, MAROC 2015 - Duration: 2:45. Dakhla is an incredible windsurfing spot with an average of 330 windy days per year! The Speed Spot. ... Rondom de accommodaties en de kitesurf spot is genoeg te zien en te doen in Dakhla. This professional training centre was created in 2017 in collaboration with Bruna Kajiya, triple kitesurfing world champion. je eigen pins op Pinterest. 01273 921 001 Thanks to the flat water lagoon wind speeds are varying between 15 – 25 knots. In July and August speeds above 30 knots are common. I have been teaching people successfully and safely. L’architecture, la décoration des bungalows, le choix des matériaux … chaque détail a été pensé pour s’intégrer au mieux dans l’environnement. Royal Air Maroc has daily flights from Amsterdam and Brussels and this airline allows you … Dakhla For Stars is a Hotel and a Kite-surf Club that opened in July 2018. Dakhla, which only 10 years ago was a relatively unknown destination, has today become one of the leading kitesurf spots in the world. At 30km from the city and 10km from the sea, you find a wonderful blue lagoon with an incredible wind statistic….a true Kitesurf paradise. The main wind direction is northeast. You can't buy happiness, but you can rent a kite. Add your business here! Flights from London Gatwick to Dakhla (1 stop Casablanca) ... Kitesurfing in Dakhla Speed Spot for butter flat, knee-deep water and strong winds. Dakhla Kitesurfing Holidays Overview In the middle of the western Sahara, 1500 km away from Casablanca, is a town called Dakhla situated on a small peninsula of the Atlantic coast called Rio de Oro. De lagoon is de main spot van Dakhla en door haar vlakke water en constant wind een van de betere kitesurflocaties om te leren kitesurfen of te werken aan je skills/ tricks. Spectacular location The hotel is situated in the best spot of the lagoon where you can practice kitesurfing with wind blowing from all directions. ... Dakhla Kitesurf World Hay El Kassam 1. Planning a kitesurf Trip to Dakhla? Royal Air Maroc heeft dagelijkse vluchten vanaf Amsterdam en Brussel en bij deze partij mag je jouw boardbag gratis meenemen. More than just great accommodation in Dakhla. There … The lagoon is the main spot of Dakhla and because of its flat water and constant wind, one of the better kitesurf spots to learn kitesurfing or work on your skills / tricks. Dakhla - Western Sahara, Africa. The large flatwater lagoon in Dakhla provides a spot for every level of Kitesurfing. After many years of being an avid scuba dive addict, I figured it was time to pick up a new sport. In the camp further north, on the same side of the lagoon, a … A trip you don’t want to miss Dakhla Club Hotel & Spa – Kitesurf Camp : Point de Dragon PK 28. Dakhla Kitesurf World Hay El Kassam 1. Fly to Dakhla Airport (“VIL”) for your kitesurfing holiday at the Dakhla lagoon! Dakhla lagoon. Dakhla peninsula is far from the crowds and is still not fully discovered. Dakhla is a paradise for both, beginner and advanced. The kitesurf spots Dakhla lagoon. Learn More. In the bay of Dakhla, take advantage of the best water sports spots, but also professional advice during lessons and other courses at the Ocean Academy by La Tour d’Eole. Situated on the edge of the Western Sahara desert, the Dakhla peninsula shelters a huge 45 kilometre long flat water lagoon from the Atlantic Ocean, and is surrounded by dramatic dunes and desert topography. It is a right-hand point break that offers long perfectly peeling waves and the chance to get barrelled on the bigger days. Dakhla Spirit - The best kitesurfing spot. To deepen, the various accessible spots such as the speed spot allow to go further in the practice of these sports. We offer a breathtaking experience that combines the desert and the sea. Dakhla’s amazing sunrises and sunsets. The spot is a 40 km long and 13 km wide lagoon, created by the peninsula of Dakhla which stretches into the Atlantic Ocean. Water conditions Flat water in the lagoon and a wave spot on a 30 minutes drive. ... Dakhla Kitesurf World School.