etc. Ultegra R8000 Pedals Weighing in at a super-light 248 grams, these Ultegra R8000 Carbon SPD-SL Pedals have evolved from the 6800 series. 28 to 32 is a huge jump through, so you might want to try a 30t cassette if you can find one for cheap. Shifting? The front derailleur has been profiled to allow it to move closer to the seat tube before it contacts and stops moving. Don't want to use bigger cassetes - 28T is enough, so don't need medium cage. Om de groepset compleet te maken zijn er ook twee nieuwe lichtgewicht wielsets. Now I just can't bring myself to swap derailleur and cassette again (that would be the 4th rear derailleur, and 3rd cassette I've upgraded in 5,000 miles. Manufactured to mirror the stiffness of the R8000 Hollowtech II crankset, these carbon composite pedals also feature an extra-wide platform and reduced stack height to make sure that you transfer every watt through your transmission and into forward … GRX 810 vs Ultegra 8000 shifters and brakes From what I can tell online, the GRX is more expensive with nothing to show for change in performance and my understanding is either will work with the GRX or Ultegra derailleurs the same. Once you're done there, feel free to read our full Ultegra R8000 review or read our R8000 pedals review. You're good no matter what. It matters if the spacing between the rings is different ( which I believe is the case here ). Geschikt voor ultegra 6800, Dura-Ace 9000 Shimano XTR 980 XT M8000 Complementing the new Ultegra line-up are two new lightweight wheelsets - the tubeless WH-RS700 rim brake wheels and the tubeless WH-RS770 disc brake wheels. If 8000 had been out, I would have gone for the long cage shadow with a 34. It has Dura ace 9070 set up. I know it is not the tning to do, but as time goes on, Shimano will drop the spares for 6800/6870 and only the R8000 range will be available. It matters, but it doesn't. Jump to Latest ... 3,937 Posts . But there was still clearance in all gear positions. Other than that, R7/8k will work better on bikes with thru-axle wheels, and 6800 will work better on 130mm OLD wheels. Read our Beginner's guide to groupsets here. Updated Aug-2019Added SR EPS 12 speed, and filled in some missing weights Rolling updates as new Shimano, SRAM & Campagnolo groups are released. Same with the R9100 Dura-Ace rear derailleur (but it is a good idea to swap the cage to something longer). Once you're done geeking out over numbers, we've got an article where we tested R8000 and R9100 against each other. Anyone know if 6800 chainrings are compatible with r8000 cranks. The drive side crank arm seems to rotate close to the Fd housing and I was not able to adjust the cage inboard far enough to conform to Shimano's checks on there dealer manual. "We are doomed to live in very interesting times", 2018-2019 SHIMANO Product Information Web, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. I then got a thin wave washer and put it on first to the axle. Cassettes are 11-28 (or closest) We've removed bottom bracket weight as these are frame dependant. I'm looking at upgrading my road bike, and I'd like to move my current crank-arm power meter over to the new bike rather than spending even more money. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. They are the market leader. Shimano Ultegra BR-R8000 en BR-R8070 Remmen. Since those are a couple years apart, the difference is EXACTLY what the article is about (comparing Ultegra 6800 to 105 5800). Oh lord...don't tell me Shimano went and made a groupo that'll only shift right on Shimano's own extremely limited gearing choices.... :mad2: Shimano if not going to add "Compatible with 3rd party components from Praxis, Rotor, Wolftooth, Stages and MORE.!" The new R8000 is still a few weeks off being for sale so let's go full weight weenie and obsess about grams! Een tubeless carbon-laminaat (WH-RS700) velgrem model, als vervanger voor de WH-6800. (as the price difference between the CS-R8000 Ultegra and the CS-R9100 Dura Ace cassette is quite significant, I am considering using the R8000 cassettes instead of the R9100 on my Dura Ace gruppo). Crankset weights will vary depending on size and length. Not really. A forum community dedicated to Road Bike owners and enthusiasts. De R8000 bevat nagenoeg alle technologieën van de Dura Ace R9100 groepset. The price difference between the two is stark: at suggested retail, you’re looking at US$2,219 / AU$2,590 for Dura-Ace R9100, versus US$1,094 / AU$1,499 for Ultegra R8000. Once you're done geeking out over numbers, we've got an article where we tested R8000 and R9100 against each other. If you are going to train on this bike with training wheels use the Ultegra. Hello, I currently have a bike with Ultra 6800 Groupset and I am looking to buy a PowerMeter. Come join the discussion about bike parts, components, deals, performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! 84,5 gram lichter dan zijn 6800 Ultegra voorganger Asymmetrisch voorblad met 4 armen, net als bij de Dura-Ace groep Inhoud groepset: Ultegra R8000 Crankset 11 Speed Ultegra CS-R8000 Cassette 11 Speed Ultegra R8000 Remhoeven voor en achter Ultegra R8000 Achterderailleur 2x11 Speed Ultegra R8000 Shifter Set STI 2x11 Speed Ultegra R8000 presents a host of real improvements over the already excellent 6800 series groupset, performing just as well as Dura-Ace 9100 at the cost of a 260g weight penalty i.e. The only difference is that the crank has moved the small ring inboard by .4mm and kept the large ring in the original position. The difference between BIKE model years is in the frame colors, sometimes the changes in a couple parts, and every so often a major frame redesign (in the specific example the Trek Silque 2017 model has Trek’s “IsoSpeed” decoupler applied to the headtube). Nieuwe Ultegra wielen. Shifters On both my 6870 and 5800/6800 bikes I run Quarqs with SRAM rings on them and they work fine. 8000 is compatible with 6800 except for the 34t cassette, and that's contingent on the 6800 derailleur, assuming you don't have the short cage derailleur. This allows larger cassettes. article where we tested R8000 and R9100 against each other, R8000 - 438g      6800 - 425g      R9100 - 365g, R8020 - 550g                                 R9120 - 505g, R8050 - 295g                                 R9150 - 230g, R8070 - 360g      6870 - 295g       R9170 - 360g, R8000 - 674g    6800 - 676g    R9100 - 609g, R8000 - 106g      6800 - 104g      R9100 - 70g, R8050 - 132g      6870 - 138g      R9150 - 104g, R8000 - 200g    6800 - 195g    R9100 - 158g, R8050 - 240g     6870 - 250g    R9150 - 204g, R8000 - 360g      6800 - 335g      R9100 - 326g, R8000 - 248g      6800 - 260g      R9100 - 228g, R8000 - 232g      6800 - 232g      R9100 - 175g. Discussion Starter • #1 • Dec 6, 2019. Note: SRAM eTa wear and tear? Not the question here, but the awesome thing with R8000 is the rear derailleur design, that incorporates a link in the style of the Wolftooth Roadlink. But I consider new derailleur beacuse few … However, you can now get Ultegra R8000 for as little as £620, the 6800 incarnation is getting hard to find and those outlets that still have it don't offer a wide range of options.Want 165mm cranks or a 12-25 cassette? Once you're done there, feel free to read our full Ultegra R8000 review or read our R8000 pedals review. The new Ultegra carbon SPD-SL pedals reduce the stack height by 0.7mm and shave 12g off the previous PD-6800 design (now 248g). Weight. Want to exchange all housing, and maybe also derailleur - I used my bike as road bike / gravel / CX bike with 50/34 + 11-28. Like Dura-Ace, pedal options are also available with 4mm longer axle. So, below is the aggregated comparison of R8000 V 6800 V R9100. I changed a S works crankset due to the need for a shorter arm length (170mm) and to go from 53/39 to 50/34. Herkenbare uiterlijke kenmerken zoals de asymmetrische crankarm, achterderailleur met Shadow technologie en de compacte voorderailleur lijken een directe kopie. This now made the adjustment by the manual. Anyone got a good resource for more info on mixing 6800 with 8000 and 9100? The other reason I have no interest in 1X is that chain drops in front are virtually non-existent since the 5800/6800 generation. I'm increasingly not into expensive bikes, partly because the intermediate grades (Ultegra 6800, Specialized Allez Sprint, … The change is in the front and it's with the crankset and chainring spacing. I have been looking at the Stages and 4iiii Ultegra 6800 left crank arms.However, I am hesitating because I don't want to have to change my powermeter if I decide to change my bike in 1-2 years that will probably have the new Ultra R8000 groupset. to their marketing. Sorry. Obviously if you get all R8000 it's gonna work. Does anyone know if an Ultegra 6800 left crank arm will work on an Ultegra R8000 crank? Would you need to adjust the FD? Met de upgrade van de Dura-Ace onderdelengroep naar R9100 eind vorig jaar, hoefde je geen waarzeggersdiploma te hebben om te kunnen voorspellen dat veel van de high-end technologie ook in de nieuwe versie van Ultegra zou worden geïntegreerd. And I find I'll ride an Ultegra bike harder -- more dirt, more rain, harder cornering in races, you name it -- than I'll ride a Dura Ace one. Very much awesome. De Shimano Ultegra R8000 groepset is de opvolger van de zeer populaire Shimano Ultegra 6800 serie. Most bikes will have no issue here, but a handful may find their older derailleur may not be capable of moving far enough inboard to stop chain rub in the climbing gears. So, below is the aggregated comparison of R8000 V 6800 V R9100. This now moves the chain rings outward by around 0.5mm. It would seem FC 6800 cranksets are hard to come by, but a FC R8000 was available. 100% Getest: Shimano Ultegra R8000. Shimano 105 R7000 vs Ultegra R8000 - posted in Tech Q&A: Is there a significant difference between the new 105 R7000 and Ultegra R8000 apart from weight? So I used the BB30 bearings and fitted Wheel Manufacture adapators. Like I said, the change is so small that Shimano's own techs mix and match on their personal bikes, I've seen it first hand and it works just fine 99% of the time. Officially up to 34t, but I have it working perfectly fine with an XT 11-40 cassette on a bunch of bikes. I bough a 6800 long cage rear and 11-32 cassette maybe 3 months before 8000 came out. 6800 is compatible w/ 8000, brakes included. Shimano today announced the much-anticipated redesign of its workhorse Ultegra groupset. Looking between the new 2019 Giant Propel Advanced Disc 1 or 2 as reasonable options and value - Mainly for training purposes outdoors and on a trainer, but must also be able to race hard. De oude Ultegra 6800 groep had geen eigen schijfremmen en er werd veel gebruik gemaakt van de RS-ST685 remmen. Hi All, anyone make sense of the pricing structures around the old/new Ultegra kit? Does anyone know if Shimano has stated whether the new Ultegra will be compatible with 9000/6800/5800? The Ultegra CS-R8000 Cassette ranges as high as 32t, so you can set up the new Ultegra (or Dura-Ace R9100) with the range you need for gravel epics, 4 corner … De wielen hebben nieuwe naven die 60 gram lichter zijn dan die in de vorige wielset. I realised after a few minutes research that the new 6800 (11 speed) was cheaper, in some cases considerably so. New R7/8000 derailers make the back wheel harder to take out, but allow for better shifting accuracy on gravel. R8000 is just a refinement of 6800. JavaScript is disabled. The two new lightweight wheelsets include the tubeless carbon-laminate WH-RS700 rim brake wheels (which replace the Ultegra WH-6800) and the tubeless WH-RS770 disc brake wheels with … En een tubeless WH-RS770 schijfremwielset met steekassen. It'll work just fine, there was no change to the cable pull. De grootste vernieuwing vind je hier natuurlijk bij de hydraulische schijfremmen. GRX 810 vs Ultegra 8000 shifters and brakes. It also matches the wider pitch of the new R8000 crank, creating increased compatibility with disc brake road frames. Not may bikes will have this issue, but a few will. Deze waren dan wel van Ultegra kwaliteit, maar waren nooit echt onderdeel van de Ultegra groep. It was never going to be easy to improve on the Ultegra 6800 but there are clear improvements on aesthetics and performance. I thought I would treat my bike to a full Ultegra groupset, remembering my last one being a 6700 ten speed jobby, I went to look at those via the usual website 'suspects'. The SHIMANO ULTEGRA R8000 series front derailleur offer lighter front shifting operation and easier setup thanks to the new link construction and integrated cable tensioner. New Ultegra cranks won't randomly shear off, though that is a very edge case in 6800. It is working, not sure would the manual FD have the adjustment range. I have Ultegra 6800 SS rear derailleur. Shimano has evolved the Ultegra series, which hugely benefits from the joys of its bigger brother's technology, Dura Ace R9000. SHIMANO ULTEGRA - Rear Derailleur - Medium Cage - SHIMANO SHADOW RD - 11-speed Blending performance and style, the SHIMANO ULTEGRA 6800 series rear … At the end of the day will this matter? In typical Shimano fashion, the new Ultegra R8000 groupset is … Ultegra R8000 Groupset. Thanks!

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